The best sales people do these five things in December


graphic of sales man & woman climbing a graphIt’s easy for sales people to waste time during December.  After all, the weather is gray and “cold”, whatever the definition of cold is in your part of the country.  Customers are busy and not in a buying mood.  There’s paperwork to do, shopping to think about, social events to participate in.  Yes, the average sales person can find themselves coasting this time of year. But not you! Continue reading


business man holding lighbulbRevenue is the lifeblood of any company and the foundation of the annual budgeting process. When sales people are asked to come up with their plans for the year, it should be more than a revenue number they wish, hope and pray to deliver.  It should be a SMART plan that will lay out a clear roadmap to follow.  I learned about SMART work plans when I first started my sales career with Ralston Purina.  I’ve carried the idea of STRATEGIC, MEASURABLE, ACTION oriented, REALISTIC and TIMELY sales plans with me ever since.  Before a sales person turns in their forecast, budget, or plan they need to ask themselves, “Is this plan a SMART one?”.  Continue reading

You don’t sell dollars, why do you build a budget in dollars?

illustrated dollar sign with upward trend line thorugh itIt’s the time of year when companies on a calendar or retail fiscal year are budgeting for the next 12 months.  Many companies I work with think of budgets in terms of dollars because the accounting department, the banks and the shareholders think in terms of dollars.  But that’s not how a manufacturing company should build its budget.

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